12 Care tips to extend the life of your timber furniture

If you want to extend the life of your timber furniture follow these important furniture care tips if you want it to last.

In my experience having  some good information and the right furniture care products, timber furniture can really last for many years.

Below are my 12 timber furniture care tips and links to products that will help you to get the most life and enjoyment out of your beloved furniture.

  1. Do not place drink glasses, jugs or vases etc on the furniture’s surface without a coaster or place mat to protect it.
  2. Never put hot pots, pans, dishes, cups or pizza boxes on timber furniture, always use place mats, coasters or heat proof pads to protect the surface. Heat marks and damage can be very difficult to remove and usually require a professional restorer to repair.
  3. Always keep coasters handy to your furniture to ensure you prevent water rings and heat marks.
  4. Make sure you keep timber furniture dry. If wood gets really wet for too long it can cause major damage to the finish and actually warp the wood.
  5. Be sure to clean up any spills as soon as they occur. Using a blotting action rather than wiping is a better solution as there is less chance of spreading the liquid over more area than is necessary.
  • Do not let spills dry or you could end up with a permanent stain. Take immediate action to clean up the spill. Never use sharp objects to remove spilt or dried up food.
  1. Never use any type of cover that has a rubber, plastic or vinyl backing on timber furniture, many of these materials have chemicals in them that can react with the furniture’s finish and cause major damage.
  2. If you enjoy burning candles, it would be a good idea to use a felt protector with a plastic top. Candle wax will not run as much when it makes contact with plastic.If candle wax does happen to drop onto the timber surface wait until the wax has cooled and hardened before trying to remove it.For best results apply an ice cube onto the spilt wax until it goes hard and brittle then get an old credit card or smooth plastic spatula and gently scrape the wax off the surface.Avoid using sharp objects to remove candle wax as you could easily damage the furniture’s finish.

    Once the candle wax is removed polish the area with a good quality beeswax polish and buff away any remaining residue.

  3. Keep all furniture whether it’s timber or not out of direct sunlight. When any furniture timber, leather or fabric is exposed to the sun for long periods of time it’s possible for it to fade and age prematurely. You may want to close the curtains or blinds during certain parts of the day to keep the direct sunlight off the furniture.
  1. Try to keep your furniture away from radiators and air conditioning units. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the timber to dry, crack or warp.
  2. Polish & dust your furniture regularly to keep the surface clean. Always use a pure cotton polishing cloth to avoid scratching and use a good quality silicone and petro-chemical free furniture polish for excellent long term timber furniture care.
  3. Never paint your fingernails on any painted, finished or stained furniture. Nail polish and especially nail polish remover will strip the finish right down to the wood. Never think that putting down newspaper will eliminate the problem, it will not. In fact the newspaper will probably glue itself to the top of the furniture creating an even bigger problem as the nail polish falling straight onto the bare surface.
  1. If you happen to get any minor scratches and dents they can often be removed or at least tidied up by using furniture touch up products.

So there you have it. I hope this article helps you to enjoy your timber furniture for a lot longer.

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